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Build Space S5 Nights and Weekends

Posted on:June 10, 2024

I’ve been feeling a lack of creative spark lately so I’m going to try joining buildspace to see if it can help inspire me to build more. I learned about it from Blake Moore in the Rundown AI community.

I asked “Sage” the LLM-based networking chat bot that helps link people to others in the program. It responded with (no caps):

s5 is a place where you get to work on what excites you, with folks who cheer you from the sidelines. it’s not about the fluff; it’s about doing the hard work, learning a ton, and maybe finding some friends who get why you’re obsessed with your projects. it’s pretty much like the garage where apple started, but virtual and with more people.

Lets go! 🚀

Card back art created by the great Quaternius.