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Announcing the Monterey Bay Tech Meetup

Posted on:July 22, 2023

Monterey Bay Technology Meetup Announces Inaugural Event: Robotic Arms and the Immersive Web


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Monterey Bay Technology Meetup, a community for tech enthusiasts and professionals in the Monterey Bay area, is thrilled to announce its inaugural meetup event, “Robotic Arms and the Immersive Web,” scheduled to take place August 8th.

Monterey Bay Technology Meetup aims to create a space where individuals of all skill levels and interests in technology can connect, share ideas, and stay updated on the latest in the tech world. The group is open to anyone interested in topics such as AI, programming, software development, IT, hardware, cybersecurity, tech start-ups, and the latest gadgets.

The inaugural event will feature two local speakers: Matt Cool, Community and Program Manager at Mozilla and Pat Cool, Developer/Software Architect at TASi Gas Flow.

Matt will give a high-level presentation on the immersive web and its potential for creating new experiences using accessible, open-source web technologies. Pat will introduce the group to a consumer-grade programmable robotic arm, offering an intriguing glimpse into the future of automation and robotics for your home.

Fox Thermal of Marina has generously agreed to host the meetup. The event will also provide attendees with a networking opportunity along with non-alcoholic refreshments throughout the evening.

“We believe technology is for everyone and understanding is key to avoiding potential harm and making sure it has the best chance to benefit all” says Matt Cool, one of the group’s organizers. “Our goal is to create an inclusive, supportive environment that fosters learning and innovation. We encourage anyone interested in technology, be it a seasoned professional, a student starting their tech journey, or someone who just loves technology, to attend our meetup.”

Registration for the event is now open. For more details and to sign up for the event, please visit the Monterey Bay Technology Meetup’s official page.

About Monterey Bay Technology Meetup Monterey Bay Technology Meetup is a community group for tech enthusiasts and professionals in the Monterey Bay area. The group encourages members of all skill levels and interests in tech to share their work, ideas, and knowledge, gain insight from others, and stay updated on the latest in the tech world. For more information, please visit our meetup page here