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Make Remote Fun with these Web Tools

Posted on:September 19, 2023

There are a plethora of tools that can make remote work more fun and interactive. Here are a few I like for you to try:

Gather town offers an interactive map where you can design your virtual office, conference rooms, and places to play. Refreshing way to co-work remote!

Link to your coworkers and have them join this interactive space. You can build your own space and add your own interactive elements.

Hubs | Frame | Hyperfy

Three platforms you can try that let you create virtual spaces where you can meet with colleagues, share 3D content, and host events. All in browser, no downloads and works with VR headsets. I worked on Hubs so I spent many many hours in Hubs spaces.

One point I try to emphasize, 3d platforms like these are not best used as a zoom replacement but for specific purposes. Host a fashion show, throw a parade, explore a world with friends… It’s nice to have something to do rather than just use it for a conference call. Spatial audio lets you have several conversations at once and gives you a sense of where the speaker is in relation to you.

Hubs desktop, mobile and in VR. Accessible with a link.


FigJam is a dream come true for interactive sessions. It’s a digital whiteboard tool that integrates seamlessly with Figma, allowing teams to brainstorm, sketch, and prototype together in real time. Has voice and widgets to extend functions. You can even high-five!

Fig Jam is a lot of fun with the right group. Walk through the basic features with new folks so they get the most out of it.


Popular among gamers but getting increasingly mainstream, Discord has evolved into a comprehensive communication platform. With voice channels, video calls, and text chats, I wrote a post about it here: discord logo. wampus emoji from

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