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Managing Discord Events

Posted on:April 29, 2024

Want to get everyone together in your Discord community? Here is a quick guide to make the most out of your server’s built in events calendar.

Discord event calendar on desktop.

Events on mobile

First, why is using your server calendar great for you and your members? Let’s review the winning features. ⚡️

1.) Participants can opt into a notification when events start.

2.) We get an interested list so we can see who else might show up.

We can see who is interested in the event and rsvp with “interested” and be notified when it starts.

3.) You can add the event to your external calendar.

We can add the event to our external calendars. 🍻

4.)Event info is displayed in the users relative time zone and you can share event links to invite others. Note: invites to a private channel event will read invalid. (as of April 2024)

You can also allow members to create their own events. A great opportunity for empowering the community to take control and increase their agency in the server.

Be selective about who you give these keys to! These are server level permissions and members with these permissions will be able to post to the calendar directly, including links, texts and images.

Once the role has the correct permissions, members with that role can create events freely.

Below is a quick 20-second walkthrough creating an event.

0 to event in 20 seconds

Welcome to share this around if you found my Discord events guide helpful. For a more general overview, you can check out some of my Discord management tips here: