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Ai Horizons Meetup

Posted on:November 9, 2023

Last night I attended AI Horizons, an event produced by Santa Cruz Works.

Made some great connections there, among them Santa Cruz County Supervisor Zach Friend, who recently participated in President Biden’s executive order signing ceremony at the White House, Chancellor of UC Santa Cruz: Cynthia Larvive, Podcaster/CEO Boaz Ashkenazy, whom I was excited knew all about Hubs and Frame! Very entertaining and insightful conversation led by Guy Kawasaki, who I got to meet as well. Guy worked on marketing for the Apple Macintosh, which was the first computer my brothers and I got to work with and got us all interested in computers.

Chancellor Cynthia Larvive had some great takes on AI in education, Guy was funny, adding a nice levity to the discussion while still asking great questions that inspired deeper thinking and created some controversy with opinions about LLM training and the use of others work.

There were many in attendance and it’s great to see such an active community out in Santa Cruz coming together to think about the important issues and changes that we are seeing and will continue to witness in this moment.

I got to meet Guy Kawasaki!