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Building a Web Aquarium Part Two

Posted on:May 19, 2024

In my previous post, I built the start of a web aquarium but I want to continue to build on this idea. Check out part one here to learn more about how I built it: Building a Web Aquarium Part One

I had a list to work off of and first I should do some maintenance and a few updates to make sure we can get at least one of these ideas in for part 2.

The first thing I want to do before jumping in is clean up some of the code so that I’m only importing the components I need. This will help me out a lot with performance if I plan to make a create-a-tank for subscribers and add lots of fish and objects later.

List of the features I currently have:

Big thanks to joshuaiz over in the Astro discord for suggesting this:

I actually needed to do this exact thing in a new project and happy to say I cracked it. Here’s how you do it. You need a file to gather, map, and export your components so something like components.js with something like this:

import { default as Component1 } from "./Component1.astro";
import { default as Component2 } from "./Component2.astro";
import { default as Component3 } from "./Component3.astro";

export const components = {
  Component1: Component1,
  Component2: Component2,
  Component3: Component3,

Then, import components from components.js in the file where you want to use these and in that .astro file you can do something like this:

import { components } from './components.js'

fishNames && => {
const Component = components[fishName]
if (!Component) return null
return <Component />

With this you can do some really cool things. Let me know if it works but I am using this successfully in a project.

For part two, I’m going to add caustics with pmndrs. I didn’t know they already had a good looking component for that.

before image


Heres what I’ve checked off one of my features from the list:


I’m going to keep working on this project and see if I can get some more of these features in. I feel like I’m moving slow but I don’t get a lot of freetime to work on this fun stuff.

In part 3, I’m going to try to improve more.