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Top Spatial Web Posts of 2023

Posted on:December 22, 2023

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A quick rundown of my posts with the most views and impressions related to the spatial web. I also blog about other topics but the spatial web holds a special place in my heart and I hope all you smart people will keep building it up so it will be more and more awesome every year.

Plant Biology Website

An exploration of how we can add interactive elements to existing informational websites.

Why WebXR? A Web Dev Niche that Could Explode.

Describing the advantages of building the spatial web. I was hopeful this could be a good starting point.

There are some other good posts related to this topic from P. Martin Ortiz and Jonathan Hale

Exploring Natuerlich

Provides you with an overview of the Natuerlich library to help you build interactive content.

Building a Web Aquarium

This one was the most popular by views on my blog for the year. I hope I can get some motivation to keep building on this concept next year.

Web Aquarium

AR Chef

This one was pretty well received on LinkedIn and still needs a lot of work to be usable but I like the concept.

Some improvements later:

Pathway to AR on the Web

This post doesn’t rank yet in views or impressions but I published it late in the year and it’s growing fast so adding it to the top 6.

AR on the web